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Added 2008-05-16 Good Rating 51.9%

Before And After Pics Of Eva's Pussy With And Without Hair. There Is Even One Of Her In The Process. Much Better I Think, Thanks.


Added 2008-05-16 Good Rating 52%

Pics Of The Exwife From Michael Out Of Memphis. Look At Those Awesome Titties. I Think They Are Cornfed, But Maybe A Doctor Played A Role.


Added 2008-05-16 Bad Rating 48%

This Chick Has Reached Her Golden Years, But She's Still As Frisky As Ever! This Hot Oil Stunt Is The Type Of Thing You See At Frat Parties.

Breakout Babe

Added 2008-05-15 Good Rating 52.7%

Either That's Razor Burn, Or She's Allurgic To One Of The Other Two Things In These Pics. What Do You Think?


Added 2008-05-15 Good Rating 51.7%

It Would Be Amazing If Every Wife To Be Let You Sample The Goods In Their Wedding Dress Before You Buy. You're A Good Woman Ira.

Tim's Little Helper

Added 2008-05-15 Good Rating 51%

Tim's Exwife Gives Him What He Really Wanted For Christmas. Says That He Misses Her When He Sees These Pictures, But She Was Still A Bitch.


Added 2008-05-15 Good Rating 50.8%

After All These Years, Her Husband Just Discovered That Sherri Needs A Little Space To Spread Her Legs In. She's An Outdoor Girl.

Unbelievable Natural Double Ds.

Added 2008-05-14 Good Rating 52.4%

This Samoan Woman Is The Pick Of The Litter When It Comes To Big Tits. She Has Unbelievable Natural Double Ds. Thanks For Sharing Doug.


Added 2008-05-14 Good Rating 50.4%

Samuel Submits His Hungarian Exwife. They Took These On Their First Vacation Together. After That She Was Living Hell.

Seth's Ex

Added 2008-05-14 Bad Rating 49.5%

Posting These As A Favor For One Of Our Long Term Loyal Viewers. He Finally Worked Up The Courage To Scan These Polaroids Of His Bitchy Exwife.


Added 2008-05-14 Bad Rating 49.6%

The Face Is Censored But You Get The Idea! This California Girl Was Born In Mexico, And Now She's Blain's Main Squeeze.


Added 2008-05-13 Good Rating 51.5%

Nikaela Hated Anal Sex When She Met Kevin. Since Then She Has Developed A Taste For Being Fisted Anally. Any Woman Can Be Broken Inside Of 5 Years.


Added 2008-05-13 Good Rating 51.7%

A Little Bit Of Everything From These Swinger Chicks Who Eugene Often Hooks Up With. He Found Them On The Internet, Lucky Bastard!

Mary Aston

Added 2008-05-13 Good Rating 50.3%

This Nasty Bitch Cost Julian 90 Thousand Dollars In Legal Fees When They Got Divorced. We Are Posting These So That He Can Have Some Revenge.

Ass For Days

Added 2008-05-12 Good Rating 52.6%

This Beautiful Cougar Has Ass For Days! Actually, Put A Week On It. She Was Scooped Up At Daytona Beach And Showed Our Submitter A Great Time.


Added 2008-05-12 Good Rating 51%

This Tattooed Couger Is A Former Exotic Dancer Who Trolls The Bars For Young Cock. Tennessee Has Some Hot Older Babes!


Added 2008-05-12 Good Rating 50.6%

Ellen Looks Like Roseanne Barr From The 90s. She Has The Nice Big Tits Too. I'd Love To Get My Hard Cock Between Those.


Added 2008-05-12 Good Rating 50.2%

Sandra Is The Gorgeous Young Wife Of Dean From Cincinnati. This Red Head Is A Beauty, I Would Kill To Be At The Alter With Her.

Mistress #1

Added 2008-05-11 Good Rating 53.1%

This Is A Hot Little Number. A Wealthy Romanian Landowner Shot These Of His Mistress At His Summer Home. Must Be Nice To Share With Your Friend.


Added 2008-05-11 Good Rating 51.1%

Wedding Night Photos Of Lexi. Bad News Bill, It's All Downhill From Here, But At Least She Started Out Amazing!

Danish Babe

Added 2008-05-11 Good Rating 51.4%

This Is A Danish Couger Whom Was All Over Dereik's Cock For 6 Months. Now She Lives In Austria For Work She Does As A Marketing Exec.


Added 2008-05-11 Good Rating 50.3%

This Is An Anonymous Submission Of An Unnamed European Minx. She's Fairly Mature, But She Loves To Party, Double Fisting Dildo And Champagne!


Added 2008-05-10 Good Rating 52.9%

Something For The True Milf Lover! This Is Carol, And She's A Hairy Mother Of 3 In Her Mid 40s. Thanks Carol

Bachelor Party

Added 2008-05-10 Good Rating 51.8%

A Few Guys Who All Grew Up Together Threw A Party For Their Last Friend To Be Married. This Is A Sort Of Bachelor Party With Wives And Cameras Allowed!


Added 2008-05-10 Good Rating 50.6%

These Pictures Were Taken Just Before Tina And Her Exhusband Were Married. She Was A Hot Little Number, Too Bad It Didn't Work Out.

Devil Woman.

Added 2008-05-10 Bad Rating 49.3%

This Costume Turned Out To Be Less Of A Disguise Than Blake Had Hoped. They Split Last Year And Had A Horrible Divorce.

Bruce's Wife

Added 2008-05-09 Good Rating 51.5%

Bruce Has The Hottest Wife I Have Seen In A While. I Go For Tall Glass Of Milk Type Girl. She's Turning 40 In 2 Years, But She's Shaved And Skinny!


Added 2008-05-09 Bad Rating 48.9%

Shelly Only Dated This Guy For 3 Weeks, And These Were Taken On One Of Their First Sessions. That's Why She's So Timid And Embarrassed I Guess.

Simon's Better Half

Added 2008-05-09 Bad Rating 47.7%

Simon Submits His Beautiful Wife Who Is The Mother Of His 2 Children. She's A Hot Young Milf And You're A Lucky Guy Simon. Thanks


Added 2008-05-08 Good Rating 53.1%

Julie Is Constantly Out At The Bar Drinking And Smoking Up A Storm While She Has Two Little Kids At Home From Two Different Fathers. This Is Her On A Good Night.


Added 2008-05-08 Good Rating 51%

This Bombshell Has Amazing Tits And She Knows It. We Didn't Get Pics Of Much Else, But I Could Stare At These All Day. Beautiful Body Sam.


Added 2008-05-08 Good Rating 50.2%

I Love An Aging Hotel Room Ho! This Milf Is An Old Hand At The Hotel Party Scene. You Can Tell That This Isn't Her First Time!

Swingers In Denver

Added 2008-05-07 Good Rating 51%

Swinger Party Pics. This Group Has Been Pretty Careful To Censor The Content, But We Still Got Some Nice Pictures. They Had A Heck Of A Party!

Darryl's Ex

Added 2008-05-07 Good Rating 50.4%

This Hairy Milf's Husband Was A Real Shutter Bug, And He Loved To Catch Her By Taking Candid Shots Of Her Around The House. No Surprise That They Are Split Up.


Added 2008-05-07 Bad Rating 48.7%

Just Some Close Up Shots Of A Beautiful Pussy. Mindy Just Gave Birth To Her First 5 Months Ago, And She Looks Great. I Love A Pale And Perfect Box.

Mrs. Piggy

Added 2008-05-06 Good Rating 51.9%

This Fat Horny Milf Stuffs Herself Full Of Cucumber And Cock. It's True, Women Get Hornier With Age!

Thanks DH

Added 2008-05-06 Good Rating 51.2%

Angie Was An Amazing Girlfriend. Even DH Says That She Was The Best Lay Of His Life. Too Bad She Was So Into Sex That She Couldn't Stay Home.


Added 2008-05-06 Good Rating 50.3%

Angelica's Pussy Has Collected A Few Miles! Look At The Size Of Those Lips. It Looks Like It Is Swollen From A Fresh Beating. Very Hot Milf.


Added 2008-05-06 Bad Rating 49.4%

Nancy Thinks That It's Better To Have Tanlines On Huge Boobs Like Hers, Because It Draws Even More Attention To Them. I Agree Nancy.

Bali Babe

Added 2008-05-05 Good Rating 52.9%

A Few Pics Of Ken's Exwife Posing On The Veranda Of Their Villa In Bali. What A Lucky Bastard! At Least He Had To Pay For Those Tits Too.

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