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Milf Mix

Added 2008-06-18 Good Rating 54.8%

A Rare Milf Mix Today. Do You All Miss These? I Love Them, And Sometimes I Get Them Submitted. Annie And Justin Sent This One.


Added 2008-06-18 Good Rating 52.6%

Laura Shows Her Nice Round Ass While At The Cottage In Maine. She Pulled A Quarterback Keeper On Pat When Her Slipped One Past Her.


Added 2008-06-18 Good Rating 51.1%

Just Softcore Pictures Of Kathy, But It's Rare That We Receive Real Life Barbie Pictures These Days.

Nice Ass

Added 2008-06-17 Good Rating 51.3%

Its Such A Waste When A Woman Has A Gift, And Hasn't Learned To Take Full Advantage Of It. This Latina Uses Her ASSet.

Big Tits

Added 2008-06-17 Good Rating 50.7%

Epic Boobs On This Beautiful Babe. Her Hair Isn't Real, But I Think Her Tits Are. Either Way, They Are Fantastic.

John Doe

Added 2008-06-17 Good Rating 50.8%

Our Submitter Is Married, But He Gets Away Every Now And Then To Meet Up With These Lusty Lesbians He Met Online. Nice Catch!


Added 2008-06-17 Good Rating 51.3%

This Is Jane. She Is Into A Lot Of Hardcore Sex! She Loves To Have Sex In Public, And She's Looking Great For A 35 Year Old. Keep And Eye Out!


Added 2008-06-16 Good Rating 53.6%

Craig Can't Really Complain About The Years He Had With Marci. She's A Hot Babe, I'm Not Surprised He's Sorry She's Gone.


Added 2008-06-16 Good Rating 53.1%

These Are Two Ripe Milfs. Angela And Steffi Are A Team On The Weekends. They Met At Work Years Ago, And They Are Still Working Well Together.


Added 2008-06-16 Good Rating 52.3%

Monique Was Classically Trained In Ballet, But She Had An Injury And Is Now Trying To Get Back To The Stage. Nude Modeling This Time.

Breen's Busted Pussy

Added 2008-06-16 Good Rating 50%

After 18 Years With The Same Vagina, Steve Says That Breen's Fits Him Like A Glove. Maybe A Hockey Glove! Thanks Steven.


Added 2008-06-15 Good Rating 52.2%

Old Picture Of His First Wife From Chris. She Loved Cock, But She Didn't Love Him. Too Bad, Cum's On Your Face Now Bitch!


Added 2008-06-15 Good Rating 51.8%

Sidonia Is Gorgeous! She Loves Facials, And Is Probably The Hottest Girl In Bratislava. Yari's Beautiful Fiance.

Snake Chick

Added 2008-06-15 Good Rating 51.9%

This Couger Loves Snakes. Trouser Snakes And Real Snakes Apparently! She's 34, And She Used To Visit Rob In His Dorm Room At Judson College.


Added 2008-06-15 Good Rating 51%

Aurelie-Belle From France In These Pictures. French Milfs Are Second Only To German Women As The Sluttiest In The World.


Added 2008-06-14 Good Rating 52.3%

Anniversary Pictures Of Leslie. She Used To Be A Hot Club Girl, And Now She's Back At It. Too Bad She's Used Up Now. Thanks Clint.


Added 2008-06-14 Good Rating 52.1%

Beautiful Young Bride. This Girl Is Estonian, But She'd Be Gorgeous Right Here In The US. I Want To Mail Order Her.


Added 2008-06-14 Good Rating 51.5%

Ex Wife Pictures From Dylan. She Waited Until Their House Was Full Of Kids To Decide That She Wanted Somebody Else. Bitch!


Added 2008-06-14 Good Rating 50.5%

Vince Thought That Having A Camera In The Bedroom Might Spice Up His Sexlife A Little. Amanda Has Come Out Of Her Shell. Thanks!


Added 2008-06-13 Good Rating 54.6%

Gorgeous Milf From Illinois Named Mary. It Adds A Little That She's Wearing Standard White Panties I Think. Makes Her Look Hotter.

Oliver's Girl.

Added 2008-06-13 Good Rating 53.9%

Honeymoon Pictures From Our Friend Oliver. This Was The Best Part Of His Marriage And I Can See Why. Beautiful Girl, Lovely Tan.


Added 2008-06-13 Good Rating 51.5%

After Sondra Had Her First Kid, It Got Easier To Fit Things In Her. So Why Stop At A Banana? A Fist Is Way More Fun.


Added 2008-06-12 Good Rating 52.7%

Brenda Is The Outdoorsy Type. I Guess She Doesn't Always Have Access To A Razor. Great Traveling Pics Guys, Thanks.

NY Babe

Added 2008-06-12 Good Rating 52.5%

Some Lucky Bastard In Upstate New York Is Married To This Broad. It's Nice To Have A Wife Who Can Fit Her Fist In Her Ass!

Cali Girl

Added 2008-06-12 Good Rating 52%

Nice Exgirlfriend Pics From Stanley In Philadelphia. She Moved To California And Tried To Become A Model. He Never Saw Her Again.

Blonde Bombshell

Added 2008-06-12 Good Rating 51.8%

This Bombshell Is Pretty Hot. She Won't Show Her Face, But That Body Is Enough For Me. Thanks Guys.

Randy's Ex

Added 2008-06-11 Good Rating 52.2%

Pictures Of Randy's Young Wife From Back In The Day. Now She's Living On A Small Ranch Single And Unhappy. Randy Couldn't Be Happier.


Added 2008-06-11 Good Rating 51.3%

This Is Sandra. She Is Currently Engaged To Our Submitter, But He Suspects That She Is Cheating On Him. He's Going To Break It Off.

Climbing The Hill

Added 2008-06-11 Good Rating 50.8%

She's Only In Her Thirties, But She Is On Her Way To Being A Nice Mature Babe. Her Hubby Submits, And We Are All Thankful.

Used Milf

Added 2008-06-11 Bad Rating 49.6%

This Milf Has Been Used And Abused. She Doesn't Show Her Face, But More Than Likely It Is As Busted As Her Body Is. Very Mature.

80s Babe

Added 2008-06-10 Good Rating 52.4%

Classic Throwback. I Thought You Might Enjoy This. As The Story Goes, She Was A Cheater, But I Think These Pictures Are Timeless.

Junk In The Trunk

Added 2008-06-10 Good Rating 52.2%

Lots Of Junk In Cathy's Trunk. She Has 2 Kids Under The Age Of 3, And She Is Just Bouncing Back. I Like The Size Of Her Derrière!

Perfect 10

Added 2008-06-10 Good Rating 51.3%

Occasionally I Get A Submission That Makes It All Worth While. This Milf Is As Good As It Gets. She Is Perfect, I Wish She Had My Kids.


Added 2008-06-10 Good Rating 50.4%

These Are Old Pictures Too. Robert Dated Ruth Seriously In The Late 80s, And These Were Taken In Antigua.


Added 2008-06-09 Good Rating 52.6%

A Little Bit Of Everything From This Hot Swinger. Creampie, Anal, Gangbang, And Facials. What A Party!

Swedish Bombshell

Added 2008-06-09 Good Rating 52.4%

Is There Perfect Lighting In This Apartment, Or Is It Just Me? This Hot Swedish Wife Is Very Liberal, And So Is Her Friend.


Added 2008-06-09 Good Rating 50.6%

Marrying A Model Has It's Downside. She Will Be Out Of Work And Ugly Eventually....but I Don't Feel Sorry For You Allen.


Added 2008-06-09 Bad Rating 48%

This Is Jody. She's A Cheating Exwife, But Her Hubby Says That He Is Thankful He Found Out She Was A Cheater. One Guy Who Doesn't Hate.


Added 2008-06-08 Good Rating 51.8%

This Is A Mature Minx. Finding This One At A Couger Bar Is Like Hitting A Jackpot In Vegas. It'll Never Happen To You...but It's Alluring.

Hot Milf

Added 2008-06-08 Good Rating 50.5%

This Milf Is Pretty Old, But Her Body Could Pass For A 20 Year Olds. I Like Her Cut Out Bra And Panties. Does That Offer Support?

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