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Added 2008-05-30 Good Rating 51%

Greg Met This Girl In Peru While He Was Traveling There. She Had A Child, But It Was Being Taken Care Of By Her Parents. She Parties!

Skinny Milf

Added 2008-05-30 Good Rating 50.9%

This French Milf Is Showing Some Tell Tale Signs Of Partying Too Much. I'm Not Complaining Though, It Keeps Her Nice And Skinny!


Added 2008-05-30 Good Rating 50.3%

Consuela Needs To Go To The Salon And Have Those Eyebrows Thinned. She Loves Public Nudity And She's Really Good At It.

Dune Baby

Added 2008-05-29 Good Rating 50.7%

I Always Like Getting Off Of The Resort Compound When I'm On Vacation, But In This Case I Would Have Slept In Those Dunes.


Added 2008-05-29 Bad Rating 49.8%

Sasha Moved Into Her Grandmother's House After She Died, And Now She's Pulling A Quarterback Keeper On Our Buddy Conrad. Tuff Break Buddy.


Added 2008-05-29 Bad Rating 49.7%

Nina Likes It Greasy. Nothing Like A Milf Oiled Up And Ready To Go. Raffi Says That She Likes To Fuck For Hours.

Bahama Mama

Added 2008-05-28 Good Rating 50.6%

This Couger Brought Marc On A Trip To The Bahamas, And They Got In A Fight The Second Night. He Had To Sit Next To Her On The Flight Home.

Brunette Expecting

Added 2008-05-28 Good Rating 50.5%

This Pregnant Mama Doesn't Look To Enthused To Have Her Picture Taken. I Think Women Are Sexy When They're Pregnant Even If They Don't.


Added 2008-05-28 Bad Rating 49.8%

Herma Is A Serious Couger. She Really Belongs On This Site. Look At The Size Of Those Nipples. I'd Love To Beat That Old Pussy Up!

Stripper Mom

Added 2008-05-28 Bad Rating 49%

This Girl Was A Stripper, But She Had To Quit When She Got Pregnant. Too Bad She Can't Be Sure Who The Father Is.


Added 2008-05-27 Good Rating 51.3%

Cute Brunette Milf Gives Her Hubby A Nice Handjob. In Keeping With Today's Theme, She Is Pregnant Of Coarse.


Added 2008-05-27 Good Rating 51.2%

My Harddrive Is Filling With Pictures Of Pregnant Women. For Better Or Worse Her Is Hillary And Her Hairy Beaver.

Brooke Shields?

Added 2008-05-27 Bad Rating 49.7%

One More Brunette Pregnant Woman Today. This One Is Probably The Hottest In My Opinion. I Like The Kilt, And She Looks Like Brooke Shields


Added 2008-05-27 Bad Rating 49.8%

Auburn Hair Is Something I Go For In Small Doses. Wendy Pulls It Off Well, And Has A Pretty Good Body For A Woman 36 Years Young.


Added 2008-05-26 Good Rating 51.3%

Della Is From Texas, And She's A Dirty Little Cowgirl Slut!! She Loves It In The Ass, And She Taught Mike Everything He Knows About Ruff Sex.

Lesbian Milfs

Added 2008-05-26 Good Rating 51.2%

Some Of These Pics Aren't As Clear As They Could Be, But You Get The Idea. These Amateur Lesbians Are All Hot Mature Babes.


Added 2008-05-26 Good Rating 50.6%

This Sexy Girl Has A Really Hairy Pussy. Not My Thing, But I'd Still Love To Fuck Her. I'm Not Surprised That Her Name Is Inne


Added 2008-05-26 Good Rating 50.5%

This Is A Grade A Milf. She's Actually A Teacher Somewhere In The Midwest. I Bet The Guys In Her Class Pay Close Attention.


Added 2008-05-25 Good Rating 50.8%

This Is Kimberly. She's Rounding 40 Now, And Gary Wants To Remind Her That She Wasn't Always So Boring. You're Better Off Without Her!


Added 2008-05-25 Good Rating 51.8%

This Is An Acquired Taste. A Big Hairy Pregnant Milf. If This Isn't Your Particular Brand Of Vodka, Don't Click!

Tied Mom

Added 2008-05-25 Good Rating 51.6%

Everybody Has Wanted To Tie Up Their Wife While They Were Pregnant. I've Never Done It For Sex Though. Just To Restrain Her Pregnant Ass!


Added 2008-05-25 Bad Rating 48.9%

Jane Needed Some Cum On That Sunburn, But I Put It On Her Tits. Force Of Habit I Guess. Nice Day At The Beach.


Added 2008-05-24 Good Rating 53.3%

Redhead Lovers I Have A Present For You! Babe With The Carpet Matching The Drapes. Craig Is Having His First Child With Her Presently.


Added 2008-05-24 Good Rating 52.4%

Nice Girl Today. This Is An Arizona Exwife Who Isn't Hated By Her Better Half, But He Wanted To Share Her Anyways. Thanks Jim.


Added 2008-05-24 Good Rating 51.2%

I Will Give You One Guess As To What Mindy Does Professionally. If You Said Exotic Are Correct.


Added 2008-05-23 Good Rating 52.2%

I Think European Milfs Are The Hottest. Some How They Are More Sexual. Look At Perda Ferbern, She Is All Over The Place And Sexy As Hell.


Added 2008-05-23 Good Rating 51.9%

This Was An Audition For A Gig In The Adult Industry, But Erika Wasn't Hired. Josh Didn't Think That She Had What It Took In The End.


Added 2008-05-23 Good Rating 51.4%

Aisha Is A Cute Brunette Divorcee Who Is In The Market For A Younger Man. I'd Love To Get My Mouth Around Those Lips.

MTL Newlyweds 2

Added 2008-05-23 Good Rating 51.3%

Someday I Might Be Lucky Enough To Get A Clean Break From My Wife, But I'm Not Lucky Enough To End Up With A Hot MTL Babe Like This.

Yummy Mommy

Added 2008-05-22 Good Rating 51%

Dean Fucked This Yummy Mommy In Her Daughters Bedroom. Queila Will Be Wondering Why There Is A Funky Smell In Her Room.


Added 2008-05-22 Good Rating 51%

Gary's Girlfriend Is From Trinidad And She's A Trainer At His Racket Club. Check Out That Perfect 40 Year Old Body.


Added 2008-05-22 Good Rating 50.2%

Pamela Is 2 Tons If She's A Pound, But She's All Woman! Check Out The Booty On That Busty Babe, She Wants To Spread It Around For You.

Newly Weds 1

Added 2008-05-22 Bad Rating 49.8%

Lots More To Come From These Newly Weds Who Are Living In Montreal Quebec. Some Interesting Pictures Coming Out Of These Two.

Facial Destruction

Added 2008-05-21 Good Rating 52.4%

Total Face Splatter On This Mature Cumslut. She Acts Like It's Her First Time, But Ross Says She Does This Every Week. Thanks Guys.

Motel Mistress

Added 2008-05-21 Good Rating 52.2%

Our Submitter Has A Hot Mistress With Whom He Meets A Few Times A Month In Cheap Motels For Some Wild Sex. Not A Bad Deal.

Nancy And Ed

Added 2008-05-21 Good Rating 51%

A Little Bubble Bath Fun From Nancy And Edward From The UK. She's A Hot Mature Specimen, Hang On To That Woman Ed.

36 Sun Baby

Added 2008-05-21 Good Rating 50.4%

Slutty 36 Year Old Loves To Lie In The Sun All Day And Work On Her Tan. Maybe She Should Try A Nude Beach, She Could Get Better Pics And No Tanlines.


Added 2008-05-20 Good Rating 53.2%

This Woman Is The Definition Of The Word MILF. She Is Beautiful! Monica, I Would Do Anything For Some Hardcore Pics!!!

Allison Shinks

Added 2008-05-20 Good Rating 51.4%

This Is A Kinky Slut Who Loved A Little Abuse. She Had A Baby By Our Submitter And He's Not Allowed To Visit With His Son. What A Bitch!


Added 2008-05-20 Bad Rating 49.7%

Shirley-Anne Used To Fool Around With Adam A Long Time Ago, And Now She's Moved Into His Neighborhood Again. She Gave Him Cold Shoulder So Here You Go!

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