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Canary Sex

Added 2008-09-26 Good Rating 53.2%

Some Snap Shots Of The Fun Eric And His Wife Had While Vacationing In The Canary Islands. Way To Go Guys!

Hot Bride

Added 2008-09-26 Good Rating 52.3%

One Of The Hottest Wives I Have Ever Gotten Pictures Of For Our Viewing Pleasure. Damn, She'll Never Wear White Again After Tonight!

Red Balls

Added 2008-09-26 Good Rating 51%

Laura's Hairy Pussy Gets Stuffed By Her Husbands Red Cock. Did You Get A Sunburn On That Thing Or Something?

Hot In Public

Added 2008-09-26 Good Rating 50.4%

I Never Understand Why These Hot Exhibitionists Are So Discrete. If She Is Really An Exhibitionist Shouldn't She Be Flaunting It?


Added 2008-09-25 Good Rating 52.6%

This Is Lori. She Is A Nice Mature Specimen, And She Loves To Be Watched. She Wouldn't Say How Old She Is, But You Can Guess In The Forum.

Cute Blonde

Added 2008-09-25 Good Rating 52.1%

A Few Freeze Frames Of A Video That Devon Took On His Webcam, And A Few Pics That He Took While His Girl Was Riding And Blowing Him.

Hot Beach Tits

Added 2008-09-25 Good Rating 51.5%

I Love These Beach Pics. Too Bad She Isn't Fully Naked, There Must Have Been Some Kids Around Or Something. I Would Have Made Her Get Naked!


Added 2008-09-25 Good Rating 51.2%

A Couple Of Different Looks On This Hairy Beaver. I Like A Nice Thick Beard, But To Each His Own.

Bean Counter

Added 2008-09-24 Good Rating 54.3%

Erin Has Some Nice Boobs. Too Bad That Is Pretty Much All We Get From Her. She Works At A Bank In Michigan.


Added 2008-09-24 Good Rating 53.8%

It's Not Hard To Tell That Dani Is From The South. They Usually Do Things Even Bigger Than This In Texas.

Hair In The Face

Added 2008-09-24 Good Rating 51.9%

Interesting Censoring Technique In Some Of These Photos. It Doesn't Make Much Sense Unless You Keep The Hair In The Way For All The Pics.


Added 2008-09-24 Good Rating 51.5%

This Mature Minx Has A Lot Of Cushion For The Pushin'! She Must Have Brought A Contractor In To Make That Bra!

Ballet Slut!

Added 2008-09-23 Good Rating 54.4%

This Chick Is Hot! What A Nice Body On This Girl. Joel Says That She Used To Dance Ballet When She Was Younger.


Added 2008-09-23 Good Rating 54.3%

This Is For Real Milf Lovers. Linda Is A Kentucky Wife And Mother Of 5. Looking Good Linda, Keep On Truckin'!


Added 2008-09-23 Good Rating 52.8%

This Milf Loves To Explore Her Sexuality. She Role Plays As A Nurse For Her Husband Gregg. Thanks Guys.

Ex Slut

Added 2008-09-23 Good Rating 51.1%

I Always Think It's Funny When The Guy Puts A Picture Of Himself With His Ex Who He Now Hates At The Beginning Of The Series.

Cam's Ex

Added 2008-09-22 Good Rating 52%

Cameron Lived With This Girl For A Year In Mississauga Canada, But She Never Put Out And He Had To Leaver Her For Greener Pastures.


Added 2008-09-22 Good Rating 51.4%

Painful Set Of BDSM Photos. She Loves The Abuse, And When She Gets Her Holes Stuffed With Household Objects.

E Cups

Added 2008-09-22 Good Rating 50.9%

Object Insertion On A Mom With The Biggest Tits I've Ever Seen. Get A Load Of These Juggs!

Nice Tan

Added 2008-09-22 Good Rating 50.8%

The Thing About Tanning Is That It Looks Good While You Are Still Reasonably Young. This Woman's Skin Will Be Leather In 10 More Years.


Added 2008-09-21 Good Rating 53.2%

Gary And Erin Are Expecting Their First Child Right Now. I Bet That Pussy Will Get Even Bigger Once She Squeezes It Out.

Scary Nips

Added 2008-09-21 Good Rating 51.9%

Thank God This Woman Isn't A Mother Yet. Her Baby Would Be Afraid To Suck On Those Nipples. Huge Tits Though.


Added 2008-09-21 Good Rating 51.1%

Dave Spent Most Of His Time In The Villa On His Vacation. Can't Say I Blame Him. I Wouldn't Be Able To Get Away From This Girl Either.


Added 2008-09-21 Good Rating 50.6%

Breanna Went On A Trip Down To Panama To Help Farmers With Agricultural Problems. She Was The One Who Ended Up Getting Ploughed.

Heart Shaped Box

Added 2008-09-20 Good Rating 52.8%

Don's Wife's Pussy Didn't Take On That Distinctive Upside Down Heart Shape Until After Their Baby Was Born.

Armed And Dangerous

Added 2008-09-20 Good Rating 51.2%

At First Glance, I Wasn't Sure If This Chick Was A Tranny Or Not. On Closer Examination I Realized That She Just Has A Bad Boob Job.

Hi Def Ass

Added 2008-09-20 Good Rating 51.1%

Really Clear And Sexy Pictures Of This Milf's Ass In High Definition. She Has An Amazing Figure For A Woman Her Age.


Added 2008-09-20 Good Rating 50.6%

Collin's Exwife Stephanie Was Always A Real Ball Breaker. His Like Got 100% Better After She Left Him.


Added 2008-09-19 Good Rating 52.2%

This Chick Is Packing Heat. She Would Be An Offensive Lineman If She Were A Dude. She Is Young, But Built Like A Mom.


Added 2008-09-19 Good Rating 51.5%

Tanya Took Her Man Out Clubbing In The City For The Night On His Birthday. Looks Like You Got A Good Present.

Lesbian Topless

Added 2008-09-19 Good Rating 50.3%

These Lesbians Thought They Were Alone Out On These Rocks On The Coast Of New Zealand. They Spotted Our Photographer.

The Ex

Added 2008-09-19 Good Rating 52.2%

Old Pictures From James Of His Ex Wife. He Loves The Site And Thought He Should Contribute A Bit. Thanks Jimmy.


Added 2008-09-18 Good Rating 52.1%

Sadly, It's A Bit Of A Rarity To Have Your Wife Both In Handcuffs And In Costume At The Same Time. Glad You Documented This.

Hot Redhead

Added 2008-09-18 Good Rating 51.5%

This Hot Redhead Taught Phys Ed For Years Until She Had Her First Child With Her Current Hubby Ted. Thanks For Sharing Buddy.


Added 2008-09-18 Good Rating 51.1%

Third And Final Set From Our Pennsylvanian Couple. They Are Divorced Now, But It Looks Like It Was Fun While It Lasted.

Milf Moonshine

Added 2008-09-18 Bad Rating 49.9%

This Milf's Ass Has Aged Like Moonshine. She Is Hot Like Fire! Blurring Out Her Face Is Going To Give Me Nightmares.


Added 2008-09-17 Good Rating 51.8%

Here Is The Second Set Of Our Patriotic Pennsylvanian. I Got These Back On Independence Day, And I Finally Got Them Out.

On His Cock

Added 2008-09-17 Good Rating 52.1%

Hot Cock Gobbling Milf With A Nice Hairy Beaver. She Was Three Months Pregnant When Her Ex Husband Took These.

Canadian Babe

Added 2008-09-17 Good Rating 51.9%

Matt Submits His Hot Girlfriend From Canada. She Is Down With The Funky Shit, And He Has A Nice Collection Of Pics.


Added 2008-09-17 Good Rating 51.2%

First Of Three Set Of Pics Of Mary From Pennsylvania. She Is Pretty Patriotic, And Loves To Show It In These Submissions.

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